The PooPail Lets You Quickly Pick Up

The PooPail Lets You Quickly Pick Up

When it comes to pooper-scoopers, we've pretty much seen it all, including a robot dog poo cleaner that we can only dream of owning one day, dog poop vacuums that probably seem like a better idea in your head then in reality, along with an auto-pooper-scooper which actually looks pretty handy. Though all of those seem to pail in comparison than the practicality of the PooPail pooper scooper.

The PooPail takes your run of the mill pooper-scooper, and makes it about ten times better! Not only does it make it super quick and easy to scoop up and clean dog poo in your yard, but it also allows you to store more dog poo and not require you to dump it into the trash after every use.

Not only is the PooPail bigger and can hold more doo-doo without making extra trips to the trash, it has an really slick open and close feature that will automatically open and close the lid of the container as you push it down to the ground and pull it back up. This way you won't need to look at it as you're working, plus it'll help subdue some of the smell.

The PooPail features a large handle that'll prevent you from having to bend all the way down to pick up your dog's poo piles, and probably save your back in the process! The large handle is directly connected to the lid of the storage container which allows the lid to automatically open and close when you push the container over onto it's side.

The Poo Pail has a massive 4 gallon capacity inside that'll be able to store tons of excrement without having to make a trip to the waste bin after every usage! They estimate that the container can hold up to 1 weeks worth of dog poo inside the leak proof and smell proof container before needing to be emptied.

The PooPail comes with 5 insert bags that attach right to the inside of the pail. Each bag should last around 1 weeks worth of dog poo!

Easily store the pooper scooper on the side of your house/garage, inside a shed, in the garage, or anywhere else without having to deal with the smells! Buy it Now >>

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