This Sphere Shaped Gradient Puzzle Contains 540 Different Colors

This Sphere Shaped Gradient Puzzle Contains 540 Different Colors

If the World's Largest Jigsaw puzzle wasn't hard enough for you, and you already finished the moon puzzle, and bacon puzzle, it may be time to move onto a more advanced puzzle for a professional jigsaw puzzle assembler like yourself. Well, there's now a 3D sphere shaped puzzle that contains 540 different that are organized into a beautiful gradient around the sphere. It's called the 540 Colors 3D Puzzle, and it might just be a little more challenging than you might think.

Not only is it a puzzle, but it looks like a piece of art when it’s all done.

This 3D puzzle will keep you occupied for a while as you try to match up each geometric piece with one other. The end result likes like a high-end piece of art that you might buy for your room. Since it involves every color of the rainbow, it won’t be hard to find a room to put it in. The final orb is around 9 inches in diameter – not too big but definitely large enough to make it a talking piece.

Putting together a 3D puzzle is a lot more difficult than you think.

It’s not necessarily hard to piece together a 3D puzzle, but it takes a level of focus and determination that you don’t need for a 2D puzzle. It becomes even more difficult when you put together a puzzle like this since there are no pictures to go by. The pieces will slowly transition through colors across the rainbow, creating a glorious gradient. 

If you’re looking for a great conversation starter, then look no further.

A lot of people like to hang up puzzles when they’re done with them. That’s not really that impressive. Putting together a 2D puzzle definitely takes some focus, but it’s nothing compared to a 3D puzzle. Plus, getting a piece of cardboard and tape for a 2D puzzle makes the final product look junky. This 540 piece color 3D puzzle was made very specifically. It was made to be a work of art in your home.

When you’re finished with this piece, you have to take a step back and appreciate the hard work that went into it. People who have done 3D puzzles have a lot of respect for others when they see something like this 540-piece color 3D puzzle sitting on an end table. Buy it Now...

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