• Delicious Easy Parsley Potatoes
    Delicious Easy Parsley Potatoes

    Regardless of how you fix them, whether diced, sliced, mashed or baked, potatoes are the most popular vegetable in America, and a pantry staple. Most Americans include some form of potato product in one out of three meals they eat daily. Potatoes, when prepared well, and without added fat, are a wonderful source of nutritional energy. When shopping for potatoes, choose ones that are firm, smooth, and have no spots and sprouts. If a potato is rather green in appearance it indicates sunburn or light exposure and should be avoided. Find the proper potato for the dish that you are preparing. Waxy or boiling potatoes are better suited for soups, salads or barbequing. Be sure to store potatoes in a dark, dry, cool area. Temperatures above 50 F cause potatoes to sprout and shrivel. Refrigeration is not recommended because the starch will turn to sugar and the potato will turn…

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