Thai Dishes from Central And South

Thai  Dishes from Central And South
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The Central Part

Tamlyn (a kind of creeping plant of which its green leaves and tops are edible) is the vegetable Queen of the central region. The cool flavor of the Tamlyn’s leaves and creeping stems cooked as food help relieve heat in the summer time.

1. Nam Prig Maakhaan Sod (Fresh Tamarind Chilli Paste )

Vegetables to be taken with:

Parboied vegetables are Tamlyn, the tops of Maafaak Kaew(a kind of green melon), Maa Kwaeng ji, grilled young Paekaa pods (Kinds of pods from the Paekaa tree of Oroxylums indicum family )and the tops of Faak Khaw (a kind of fruit from the Faak Khaw creepting plant) Fresh vegetables are Thua pu, Phaak Hin, Phaak Poom Pla (a kind of short- life circle plant with its tender stem) and the tops of wild olive leaves.

Medicinal value: Fresh Tamarind Chilli Paste helps get rid of phlegm in the intestines, releases the bowel movement, improves women’s blood circulation and stimulates the appetite.

2. Nam Prig Maengda (Chilli Sause with Water bug)

Medicinal Value : Nam Prig Maengda helps stimulate the appetite, gets rid of chest and stomach discomfort, and nourishes the body’s wind element

3. Nam Prig Plaa Too with Tamlyn’s (Shrimp Paste Dip)

Medicinal Value: Plaa Too(Mackerel) provides proteins; Vegetables give vitamins and minerals. Tamlyn has its value reducing sugar in blood and getting rid of internal heat.

4. Tom Yum Kung (Sour Prawn Soup)

Medicinal value: Tom Yum Kung helps get rid of sweat, relieves discomfort and stimulates appetite.

5. Kuai Tieo Phad Thai (Thai Fried Noodles)

The South

Phaak Mhieng is the Southern Queen of vegetables. With its sweet, creamy flavor, this vegetable gives a high quality of nutrition, causing the body’s strength. Chewing the fresh and young Phaak Mieng leaves helps reduce the thirstiness.

1. Phaad Phaak Mhiendg Sai Kung Haeng (Fried Phaak Mhieng with Dried Shrimp)

2. Kaeng Lyang (Southern Style Soups

Medicinal value: This Southern Style Soup helps get rid of stipulation, stomach discomfort and body nourishment. Fishes cooked in the soup give proteins.

3. Kaeng Taai plaa (Fish Kidney Soup)

This Soutern Style Soup gets rid of sweat, and wind; helps digestion and bowel movement.

4. Phaad Saator Sai Kapi (Fried Saator’s seeds with Shrimp Paste)

Medicinal value: Food cooked with saator seeds helps stimulate appetite.

5. Kaaw Yam (Rice Mixed with Various Kinds of Herbs in Southern Style)

Medicinal value: The Southern-Style mixed rice is a kind of medicinal food to improve the body’s chemical elements. Khaaw Yam consists of many flavors: creamy flavor of coconut meat, sour flavor of raw mangoes and lime, and salty and sweet from the “boodoo” sauce (a kind of sauce taken with Khaaw Yam ) along with the hot flavor from powdered chillies.

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